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WormUp_Scale is a modular composting and raised gardening bed system.

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Product description

WormUp_SCALE enables easy composting in large quantities, turning organic waste on premises into a rich fertilizer without the extra work of turning the compost. With its modular design- including a corner piece, it can be adapted to local waste disposal needs and is ideal for multi-apartment communities, schools or restaurants. In its simplest form, WormUp_SCALE can also be used as a raised garden bed. To change the functionality is easy and can be achieved within minutes. WormUp_SCALE modules are preferably placed on open ground, in a space providing some shade. The direct contact to the ground is beneficial to the composting process. If temperatures become freezing, the worms can easily move deeper into the soil. However, a closed bottom upon request is possible.

Kitchen and gardening scraps should be equally distributed over the entire surface area. The fresh compost layer should never be much higher then 10-15 centimeters. No tedious and frequent turning is needed; the worms, together with bacteria and other micro-organisms, do all the work and turn the waste efficiently into crumbly fertilizer. Once both beds are three-quarters full, one bed is set to pause where with no more waste will be added (it is therefore now inactive). However, waste continues to be added in the other, active bed. Within the next 2-3 months, the main population of worms will slowly move from the inactive bed to the active bed, indicating that the fertilizer is ready to harvest. The inactive, almost worm-free bed can now be easily harvested by taking out the larch wooden boards on the front side. After your harvest is completed, put the boards back and start "feeding" into the empty bed - the worms will migrate back, and a new cycle begins.

WormUp_SCALE is set up in just a few steps. First, metal posts and reinforcement frames are assembled with just a few screws to form a metal frame. Second, the roof is added on top. Third, the wooden boards are slid into the metal frame to create the beds. WormUp_SCALE is now ready to use.

Incorporate compost into your garden as you prepare the soil in spring. Cover the area with 7 – 10 cm of soil and till it into at least the upper 15 cm of soil. Add compost to soil in vegetable gardens, annual flower beds and around new perennials as they are planted. You may also use compost as mulch around flower beds, vegetable gardens or around trees or shrubs in landscape beds.

The WormUp_SCALE is a Swiss product, developed and designed by WormUp. The metal elements are manufactured in collaboration with Landheim Brüttisellen, a foundation that offers integrational work in Switzerland.

No plastic lining is required, neither as a composter nor as a raised bed. Larch wood is very durable even with direct substrate contact. Should the wood elements rot after 5 to 10 years, the boards can individually be replaced. Truck tarpaulins provided by the renowned Swiss company FREITAG are upcycled and serve as the protecting roof.

WormUp_SCALE is shipped as a kit, throughout Switzerland, palletized, or for pickup. The worms follow in a separate package after arrival of your WormUp_SCALE.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are experts in vermi-composting and love to share, exchange and support based on our experience.
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