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WormUp HOME interior, ceramic worm-composting system

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Product description

2018 Design Switzlerand awarded by ProHelvetia

2019 Wallpaper* Design Award:
Best natural selection
‘Vermi’ compost bin, by WormUp

WormUp HOME is an easily accessible organic waste converter for inside
 and outside use. Created as an interior object, the composter wins through its design and natural material. With the help of composting worms it provides a highly effective, naturally odourless composting process.

WormUp HOME makes it easy and fun for everyone to reduce waste, maintain valuable resources and save on waste disposal costs, directly where the waste occurs – at home, at school or in the office.

Because of its simplicity and the non-smelling process, WormUp HOME is a great demonstration tool for environmental education. Children, teenagers but also adults are fascinated and love to experience the work of earthworms right in front of their eyes – turning waste into rich, beautiful soil.

The whole product is made from natural materials. At the end of its long lifetime, it can be taken apart effortlessly and the individual components can be easily recycled. Material: Ceramic. H 35cm, ø 40 cm.





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