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Giardina Style
Giardina Style


Reute 7b
88677 Markdorf


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +49 7544 740 540

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From giant oak trunks Thomas Rösler saws his wooden sculptures, only using the handheld chainsaw. After cutting the surface shows the characteristical chainsaw structure which the artist only brushes to keep the process of manufacturing visible. After this sun and rain, wind and weather are finishing the scupltures. Silver mysteries. Crack oracles.

Thomas Rösler creates his work in the exciting triangle of object design, landscape architecture and free sculpture. After production in his studio at Lake of Consance his work finds its place in gardens, parks, public spaces - and even in the hearts of the people. Thomas Rösler oftenly combines the sculptural claim with practical requirements. Aiming to bring the pieces into the people's everyday life and use. Inviting everybody to sit down, to rest, to relax, to check out from the daily stress for a moment. And to touch the massive wood, feeling it's centuries of growth.

Meanwhile Thomas Rösler's sculptures found friends in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Greece and USA.