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We are Arko, a small start-up hoping to launch our first product at Giardina 2020. Even though events prevent us doing so, we would love to share the product and our ethos with you.

We are pleased to introduce the HOTBIN.

Hotbin is an award-winning (Best product in show, Chelsea 2019) home hot composter which takes all home garden and green waste andl naturally turns it into a wonderful rich compost within 90 days. We believe it is not only a great product but timely and super effective at a time when we are considering recycling and getting our into our gardens.

It’s different from the usual composters… its an insulated, sealed composter, which maintains temperataures all year round working away to produce a rich compost in 90 days, as well as mulch and liquid fertiliser, regardless of the season. All from your home kitchen and garden waste. It has no odours, is tidy and attracts no vermin.

With tonnes of food and green waste being taken to incineration here in Switzerland each year, we believe the Hotbin can massively reduce waste, time and energy spent getting to recycling centres, plastic bag use, and take composting into the 21st century - producing a wonderful by-product from waste generated at home. Recycling with a tangible useful by-product.

And, in the current circumstances, with us spending more time at home and in our gardens the Hotbin can become a firm family companion, helping us nurture our gardens and vegetable plots now.

So, why not consider how you dispose of your kitchen and green waste right now and help start that revolution at home using Hotbin to manage your waste and your garden.


Introducing HOTBIN Home Composter (English)

What is HOTBIN Home composter? Check out this short video to learn more about how to recycle all your kitchen food waste…
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Ramona Azarnia

HOTBIN Composting Distributor in Switzerland
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