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Product description

Enjoy conviviality with your guests having a barbecue together around these low-shaped Feuerring on the chairs/tables Kubus.

Feuerring D100: diameter 100 cm , height 23 cm, Weight: 100 kg
Feuerring D110: diameter 110 cm , height 25 cm, Weight: 120 kg
Feuerring D120: diameter 120 cm , height 28 cm, Weight: 140 kg


Feuerring GmbH

Feuerring GmbH


Exhibitor profile

Good company and sensory pleasures are fundamental aspects of the Feuerring philosophy of life.

For centuries, all communal life centred around the fire. The Feuerring – as a modern fire pit – issues an invitation to once again draw in and savour life around it, no matter what the season.

The welcoming atmosphere and inspiring warmth of a crackling fire, the cosy companionship of friends and guests and, above all, the gentle and healthy barbequing of premium ingredients, culminating in the creation of culinary menus, are central to us at Feuerring. As we say: Pleasing all your senses!

Steel sculptor Andreas Reichlin is the inventor behind the Feuerring, the first of its kind.

Health issues demanded new solutions: Food barbecued on a grill rack did not agree with him so he began looking for a way which would nonetheless allow him to live out his love of fire.

The result is a beautiful barbecue grill, a design that indulges the eye and delights the taste buds: a graceful bowl, skilfully oxidized, looking like a single moulded unit with a solid ring, cured to a deep black. Sculptural aesthetics for every outdoor space as a source of warmth and a place to get together.

With its sculptural aesthetics and the space-defining form resulting from the clear lines and contours and dynamic surfaces, the Feuerring creates a force field that fosters the sensory experience. Respectful of the material, we reduce it to the essence, focussing uncompromisingly on validity and authenticity.

The Feuerring shapes your garden space, referring constantly to it, calling to you to come closer, to touch, to use, to admire from various angles. Every vantage point brings a new perspective. The natural oxidation processes and specific use result in individual characteristics marked by constant change.

Since its launch on the European market, the Feuerring has inspired many to wholeheartedly embrace the Feuerring’s philosophy of healthy eating, socialising, quality and aesthetics. The barbecue and outdoor cooking market is seeing more and more models that take the Feuerring and its fundamental concepts as their basis.

Bolstered by a combination of experience, patented design and firm belief in our product, our commitment to premium quality makes the Feuerring a veritable heirloom that becomes more beautiful with each use. What other grilling appliance can say the same?


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